Friday, May 26, 2017

Upcoming Needs

Mercy for Mamas is leading a team of 15 ladies to Uganda this July. During the two week trip, the team will host six different outreach events and visit several crisis pregnancy centers. We will minister to more than 1500 women during that time. We are so excited for this opportunity and we look forward to spending time with these ladies.

General donations given to Mercy for Mamas all go directly toward the purchase and delivery of mama kits. We only use earmarked money or some merchandise money to cover other expenses. With a big trip, there are always extra needs. We wanted to make you aware of several of those needs in case you felt led to give or shop! If you want to give towards one of these needs, just use the Paypal donation link here and make a note at checkout stating which project you would like to help fund. If we raise more than the amount needed for a specified area, the money will be put towards one of the other trip needs.
  • Outreach Costs: At each of our outreach events, we provide food and drinks for the ladies who attend. Many of these women travel long distances to come. We also pay for a Ugandan nurse to help with our teaching. (approx. $800) 
  • Crisis Pregnancy Center Visits: At the pregnancy centers, we like to do something fun with the girls. We usually make a craft with them that can be used for their babies like a onesie, blanket, or bag. We need to buy the supplies for these crafts. ($150)
  • Cloth Diaper Sets: This year we are buying specially made cloth diaper sets (our special project we mentioned on Facebook a few weeks ago). These are made in Uganda by a fair trade company that supports women in need. We will distribute these diapers at a couple of our events. We need to cover the remaining balance for these diapers. ($400)
  • Missionary Events: As a way to encourage many of our missionary partners and others serving in Uganda full-time, we host dinners for missionary women. This year we are also co-hosting a one-night retreat for missionary women. We need help to pay for some of the supplies and treats for these special women who sacrifice so much for others and deserve a little pampering! (approx $500)
  • Travel Expenses: Some of our team members could use some help with their travel fees. If you cannot go, but would like to help encourage some of those that are going, they would greatly appreciate your help. (any amount appreciated)
And if you'd like to help us out & get some great stuff,
we have shopping options!!

We have Mercy for Mamas t-shirts in both gray and blue. These are unisex, preshrunk cotton. Sizes Adult S-XL. Sizes and quantities are limited.  $18 shipped!!

Sizes for Blue Shirts

Sizes for Gray Shirts
We have our insulated tumblers! 
These are 16oz and come with a straw. They are great to use at work or on the go.
These are $14 shipped!

Order Tumbler

And we have digital prints for just $10....

The first option is a quote from Mother Theresa. She said, “Do small things with great love.”  I think so often as mothers we worry if what we are doing is really having an impact. We fear we are not making moments special enough for our children. Are we really taking the time needed to impart wisdom, love, grace, and mercy to our children? But in reality, the greatest truths that are children learn from us are in the small, every day details. It’s the lunch that is packed every day for school. It’s tucking them in for bed at night. It’s cleaning up after them when they are sick.  It’s in these moments that our children learn about sacrifice and true love. So as we fold laundry, wipe noses, and fill out school forms we are showing our children love. I think a copy of this print would be a great way to remember that even the small we do have a lasting impact. This comes in two color/design options... blue and coral. The watermarks will be removed from each one when your order.
#1 Do small things (blue)
#2 Do small things (Coral)
The second quote comes from Pastor Andy Stanley. He said, “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” Again, I think that many women fear they are not living up to expectations. They question if their actions are good enough for God or are really making an impact for the kingdom of God. I think this quote is a great reminder that one of the most important tasks for a believer is to pass on their faith and passion for God to their children. Yes, God wants us to be great missionaries. He wants to reach the lost, and to lead powerful ministries and to serve in the church. But our first mission field most always first be within our home. This print is a great gift for the mother, grandmother, or special someone who helped to raise you to know Christ better.
#3 Your greatest contribution (this watermark has a typo, but the one you get will be corrected!!)
These prints are available as a digital download for $10 each.  You can order through Paypal right here....

Digital Print Options

We will email you the digital version, then can print if off, put it in a lovely frame. (We recommend that you print on 110 lb. cardstock at your local Kinkos or print shop. It is usually less than $2 each.) And remember, these make great gifts for anyone in your life, such as a friend, mentor, teacher, or even for yourself.

Thank you so much for your continued support. 

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