Friday, April 20, 2012

We've got Mother's Day Covered!

** Edited on Thursday, May 10th... we are SOLD OUT of bracelets, but you can still make a donation!**

Mother's Day is three weeks away, and we have the perfect Mother's Day gifts for you to buy! 

First up, you can simply make a donation to Mercy for Mamas in honor of your own mama (or woman you love!).  We'll give you this beautiful card (snail mail or email) for you to give that explains the gift of life you have given to women in Uganda.  You just fill in the number of kits you purchased in the woman's honor.   Starting at just $7 this would be a great addition to another gift, or a gift in and of itself.  To order a card and make your donation, simply send an email to with the amount of your desired donation.  We'll send you a confirmation with all of the payment information.

We also have some amazing paper bead bracelets.  The bracelets are handmade by women in Uganda.  Most of them were made by my friend, Robena.  I love that by buying these bracelets you are helping to supply a job for Robena and her friends. 
Robena hard at work in the market
Each bracelet also includes a small charm that says "mercy for mamas".   Every bracelet comes with a beautiful card that explains how their gift will help mamas in Uganda.  Bracelets will also be gift wrapped and shipping is included. Bracelets are $15 each.  Because all of the overhead costs for this project were donated, each bracelet purchased will provide two Mama Kits to women in Uganda. 

To order a bracelet, email your order to  Be sure to include the description of the color you'd like and a mailing address (if needed).  We will then send you payment information.  All orders ship after payment is received.

Here are the colors available.  There are only about 100 bracelets and a limited number of each color so get yours now!
Blue based with  multi-colored beads
light green base with multi-color beads SOLD OUT!

multi-colored base and beads

purple-base with multi-colored beads SOLD OUT!

pink-base with multi-colored beads  SOLD OUT!

White base with multi-colored beads, only 1 LEFT

blue base with multi-colored beads- yellow emphasis

yellow base with blue, purple, and red beads, only 1 left SOLD OUT!

gold base with blue, green, purple and red beads, only 1 left!, SOLD OUT!

brown base with multi-colored beads, only 1 LEFT, SOLD OUT!

black/red SOLD OUT!

light blue/purple tint, only 1 left!, SOLD OUT! 

Brick Red (I could not get color to photograph well, but it is a very pretty red)

seafoam green skinnier beads (color did not photograph well!) SOLD OUT!

Orange (sorry, did not photograph well), only 1 left!

Kelly green, only 1 left! SOLD OUT!

Sapphire blue with gold/yellow base, only 1 LEFT! SOLD OUT!

turquoise (a bit brighter than it photographed)

black/gray beads SOLD OUT!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Delivery Day!

My sweet friend Simon Peter has been busy delivering kits the past couple of days!  He said all of the women were so excited and grateful to receive the mama kits.  He mentioned that with the current inflation, the kits have become more unaffordable than ever before.  So they are quite a blessing for these mamas to receive.

The kits went to three crisis pregnancy centers in Kampala.
Comforter Center

Youth For Christ Crisis Pregnancy Center

Wakisa Ministries

More kits are also on the way to Mama Florence.  Her new birthing center opened this past weekend.  Here is a picture of the first delivery in the new center!  So great to see!

She has a new scale to weigh the babies!

Completed birthing center

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The mama kits are coming, the mama kits are coming!

I am so excited that 264 mama kits will be picked up and delivered this week!   That's 264 women that won't have to wonder if they'll have clean, sterile supplies for their baby's birth.  Thank you so much for your generosity.  God continues to blow me away with his faithfulness.  You can expect more stories about these kits and how they are helping the women in the days ahead.

You're Invited!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Exciting Opportunity!

Guess what?!  We are planning our first Mercy for Mamas mission trip!  This trip will primarily focus on passing out mama kits in the village, through church outreach events and crisis pregnancy centers.  We'll also visit some of my other favorite ministries in Uganda and do our best to be a blessing to them.  The trip will be in late September or early October and will be approximately 10-12 days long.  The trip will cost roughtly $3000 (maybe less).  Space will be limited.  If you are interested in going, please shoot me an email at mercyformamas @ gmail . com.  And let me just say, if you are a mother who thinks you would love to go, but there is no way you could possibly leave your kids... you can.  Pray about it.  If you are supposed to go, God will provide a way and provide for your chidren.  When I first thought of going to Uganda in 2006, I thought there was no way I could go until my girls were older.  Cody told me,"If this is what God wants, we will make it happen."  He then told me something I will always treasure.  He said, "What better thing could a mother do for her children then set an example of doing mission work."