Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mama Florence

Below is part of a blog post I wrote last year about the day I met Mama Florence.  Read it first, then see below for the update on her!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Day in the Village

Several fellow adoptive moms from UG started their own ministry, Awaka Children’s Foundation (**note this is now turned into Olwazzi Ministries**). I’ve often heard about this ministry and the village where they work. This past Saturday I finally got to go visit. What a day! I went with my friends, Kelly and Simon, and some other adoptive families. We drove about an hour outside of Kampala, up into the beautiful hills. Then we went off of the main road quite a ways, where you could definitely say you are “in the village”.

Our first stop was to meet the village midwife. Mama Florence is about 70 years old. Women travel from miles around to use her services. I’ve heard it said that a woman in the village will go miles to a highly recommended and trusted midwife, even if a decent doctor or clinic is closer. It’s all about trust and relationship. Mama Florence is very well known and respected. She delivers approximately 4-7 babies a week. She does not charge anything. She has the labor and delivery room behind her house in a very small mud building.
When we arrived there was a young girl, Sylvia, there in the early stages of labor with her first baby. She labored in this small room with very few supplies and no modern equipment. Smoke billowing in from the charcoal fire outside. But I’m very glad to say that because of your generous donations, she had sterile delivery supplies from a Mama Kit. Mama Florence was very excited to get the kits and I know they will be well used. I asked what happens if there are complications during the birth. They told me that when that happens Florence gets a boda boda (motorcycle taxi) and they go the approximately 35km to the nearest hospital. That’s 35 km on a rural dirt, pothole filled road while you are in labor and enduring complications. Can you imagine? It blows my mind. But I’m thankful for women like Mama Florence doing the best they can to help the women of her village. I look forward to getting to know her more and to providing her with more kits.

Delivery Hut

Mama Florence and Sylvia

Giving Mama Florence her Mama Kits
Mama Florence is getting a new birth center!  Some wonderful women from Canada decided that Mama Florence needed a better facility.  They raised the money and now construction is underway and should be complete by the weekend!  The new facility has concrete floors and foundation, windows, doors, two beds and a crib, as well as some other new supplies.  What a blessing for this wonderful women who does the best she can to care for so many new mamas.  I cannot wait get some more mama kits to her for the new place!

It may not seem like a big deal, but windows and a door are
huge improvements and a blessing for Mama Florence.
The new birthing center!
To follow more about Mama Florence and the work in her village check out Olwazzi Ministries or you can also find them on Facebook.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spread the Word

I need your help.  I need to help spread the word about Mercy for Mamas and how this one simple thing can make a huge impact on the life of a Ugandan mama and her baby.  Will you help me?  Tell your friend's to check out this website.  Ask them to watch the video.  Like our new Mercy for Mamas page on Facebook.  You can even just click at the bottom of this post and easily share on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.  Ask me to come talk to your church, mom's group, whatever.  I make no claims to be a fabulous speaker, but this is something I am passionate about and I want to share with others.  I have a few speaking engagements in the works, but I would love more of them!  So as long as I will be in the area or you can get me to you, I would love to speak and share my heart for this ministry.  Thank you so much for your love and support!  And look for more exciting news from Mercy for Mamas in the days ahead.   I've got a few things I'm working on that I am pretty excited about.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I found out today that last week's fundraising event at my church brought in more than $1,100!  A few more people donated through out the week boosting up that total.   Thank you so much to my precious church family!

Then my sister emailed me today to tell me that her bible study group collected more than $300.  They were looking for a ministry to help out and she told them all about Mercy for Mamas.  What a blessing!  Thank you Stephanie!

I am so excited about the difference this is going to make in the lives of so many precious Ugandan women. We'll be able to buy at least 200 kits!  I can't wait to tell them that more kits will soon be heading their way.  As soon as all of the money gets to "Love God and Love Others" we'll be wiring it to Uganda.  My team in Uganda is set to pick them up and deliver them to three different crisis pregnancy centers.  Then they'll have enough to give some to a church for their upcoming outreach event. 

**Also, just as a note, virtually every penny given goes directly to buying mama kits.  The only other costs are money wiring fees and transportation/delivery, which is very minimal. **

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Great Launch!

Mercy for Mamas had our first fundraising and awareness event this week. It was so much fun to get to share my heart and vision with other women. And it was a blessing to have our "launch" at my church with people who've walked with me all through this journey. Nearly 60 women attended and we raised more than $600... that means mama kits for more than 85 women!

Sorry the pics are dark.  Gyms are not made for photos.

Perhaps my favorite part of the night was hearing other women "get it" and start brainstorming ways to spread the word about this project.  I am really excited to see what will happens in the days ahead.

Ok, my other favorite part of the night... cobbler.  It was also my favorite part the next day.  I should not be left home alone with leftover cobbler.  Oh my.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


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